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    FAQ PAGE(Under construction)

    This page is the following of polemics on a forum.
    It is said this system is a ponzi and indirectly that winspiral is a scammer.

    you can follow the polemic here:

  •  100 days plan -
  •  Should people who promote ponzis in their signature be given a negative trust?

    1)...What is done with the money send by investors?
    This is the most frequently question asked.
    Your investment is safe on my Xapo wallet specialy dedicated to this investment system.
    Nothing is done with.

    2)...Why do you need investment if nothing is done with?
    I need your investment to determinate the part of dividends you have right.

    3)...How are generated dividends?
    A web site has a virtual value.
    This value depends on it's "internet popularity".
    I want not developping about the popularity,but the popularity helps a website to generate more or less incomes.
    A part of this incomes are taken to give dividends to investors.

    4)...Can we ask for withdrawals?
    No.Withdrawals or payouts are generated by the system.
    You can follow the payouts on the "YOUR PROFIT" page.
    The only rule is that you will get back all your investment and dividends after less than 100 days.
    If you believe that the system gives back to can re-invest it.
    5)...Are fees for the investors?
    No direct fees.Investors having Xapo wallet have absolutly no fees.
    Indirect fees depends on the fees your Bitcoin wallet asks you or generates you.

    Site start 29 August 2015.
    Page start 22 September 2015.



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